Going Social Part II

7 Nov

Ok, so by now you’ve seen the video (here) and know that if you don’t start doing right away you will likely be left behind like ’70s disco pants. 

Now, its really simple to hit up some popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, sign up, and forget about it. Delving into a social lifestyle is very much like starting a workout routine. It takes consistency and dedication to see results. What I’m going to be focusing on in my blog is using these tools for business, whether you are a one person shop or a large corporation. Of course the rules of how, where (responsibility lies), and what, is going to depend on industry, organization size and personal preferences, the framework will more or less look the same. I’ll be candid about the tools I use and recommend, some of course will be a better fit for certain groups and not others. I’ll also focus on measuring results, as social media is just like any other marketing/communications platform where results need to be analyzed. (And yes, by my last sentence you will notice that I’m a little biased as what business units SM tends to fall under.)

If that’s not enough to convince you that you not only need to get onboard, but create a meaningful experience, here are some great statistics from Insites Consulting.

– Awareness of Facebook is nearly 100% (Ok, so my 75 year old Grandmom may not be on Facebook, but she sure knows what it is)

– Over 50% of people are connected to brands online. Do you have a platform for your customers?

– 20% of location-based users (aka Foursquare, Facebook Check In feature, do you offer your customers any “benefit” for checking in to your place?

– Over 600 million people use some sort of social network daily

– Average consumers follow a brand to get a direct benefit (You need to “activate” (a term popular in sponsorship) and make the interaction meaningful)

Click on this link to see the entire presentation.

Let me know what you think!

– K


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