5 easy facebook marketing tips that will help you grow your community

14 Jan

If you’re like many business owners or entrepreneurs you have probably found yourself in this situation. You know you HAVE to be on facebook but have no idea how having a fan page is going to land you more sale. Heck, you probably don’t know how to encourage people to become fans in the first place. You are probably so occupying so many roles that growing your fan base is just another daunting task. Don’t fret, in this case you are probably in the 99% :).

Over the years I’ve attended many facebook marketing “how-to’s” seminars, talks, meetups, etc. Lucky for you, I’ve taken lots of notes and I’m going to share the 5 most kick-ass facebook marketing tips that will help you grow your fans.

Before jumping into the goods, I’d like to share a simple model that if followed correctly can help you see success in your online marketing strategy. The reason I start here is because it is important to understand why you are (or should) be investing resources (time or money) into growing your social presence.

  1. Set up your foundation
  2. Grow a fan base/tribe (more info on Tribes by Seth Godin)
  3. Create ongoing engagement
  4. Turn fans into profits

So the idea is that by growing a fan base or tribe and providing value, your fans will most likely buy from you instead of your competition. Sales occur when there is a transference of emotion, not a presentation of facts. In this post I’m going to assume you have already worked on the foundation piece of your social media and facebook strategy, and the tips I’m sharing with you today will help with growing your tribe and create ongoing engagement.

1. Kick your banner up Banner

Include something other than your logo as your fan page picture. Sure, you should include an element of your brand in your facebook profile “banner”, you can even include your logo, but include something that showcases your brand, or a project your are working on/promoting. You can actually upload an image 600px(height) x 180px (wide) so you can get really creative.

2. Use a reveal tab (landing page)

I’m sure you’ve seen them, many successful facebook fan pages are using them. The reason they work is that psychologically as humans we want to be in on the “secret”. By having to do something as simple as clicking “like” to enter your page, you have just created exclusivity. After a person likes your page the gate opens and the fan content appears. The great news is that there are now many companies that offer landing page services and barrier to entry is very low. Some do-it-yourselfers (both offer free and paid versions: Pagemodo, Wix and of course Static HTML iframe tabs. The benefit is that you can start creating right away with little or no cost. If you do want something a little more customized then I suggest you setting aside some budget to get this done. Usually hiring someone to do this for you is anywhere from $250-$1000 depending on what you are looking for.

3. Add Value

Nobody wants to come to your page to see that all you do is plug your products. Sorry to say, but that is no way to build a community. You have to provide engaging and relevant content, get to know your fans and reveal a little about yourself (or your organization). Give people a reason to visit your page and to come back. Ask questions, provide information such as ebooks or videos related to your industry. Take your FAQs or industry issues and answer the in an engaging manner. As a rule of thumb contribute 4 pieces of interesting/unique/engaging content and 1 promoting your company/brand/product.

4. Post often but don’t overshare

You want to stay top of mind and working off  tip # 3 provide engaging content that your community is happy to share with friends (either by sharing directly or by commenting or “liking”). However, you need to be conscious that you  don’t become “spammy”. There are many tools out there that can help automate your postings so you don’t need to be setting your alarm to remind you to post. A good one to try is Hootsuite (yes, it’s free!).

5. Advertise

What better way to target your audience than by running some highly targeted ads to reach your ideal customer. facebook announced yesterday that they will likely reach 1 billion users by August. This is 1/7th of the world’s current population. Regardless of industry, I am willing to bet this could mean MANY potential customers for you. With facebook’s highly customizable ads (both look and target audience) you are sure to stumble on a new fan or two by running a couple ads. Study competitor ads, analyze what works for them and budget around $500 to get started.


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