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How To Be Awesome Online

20 Dec

2011 has been a year of exponential growth in the social media scene. From Google Plus, changes to Facebook and Twitter, it is no wonder marketers struggle to stay ahead or on top of trends let alone changes. So how do you achieve success in this landscape? How do you become Awesome in this space? Well,  for starters you need to stop thinking from a traditional perspective and do something different. (For those of you interested in traditional vs. new media marketing click here). People on Facebook and Twitter don’t want to hear about your sale, new product, or brand, they want to connect, so why not create something to engage WITH them.

Before building your social media strategy you need to define your core message. Who are you and what do you represent (not what are you trying to sell) and who do you want to connect with? This simple exercise will help you gain clarity on what role you should be playing online. Once you have this foundation piece you can build your strategy to support this message. When you have a clear core message you can engage with your customers online by contributing substance instead of trying to sell them your latest widget.

To be truly Awesome online you need to do like you were taught at 5 years old: sharing is caring. Think about this social media as kindergarten recess. Those with the coolest snacks (who shared of course) had the most friends. Nobody wants celery sticks when they can have gluten free chocolate peanut butter cups. Build a community based on mutual values, interests and desires. Of course remember that just as any other marketing or communication function this requires planning, strategy, impecable execution, measurement and feedback. Unlike the Mad Men days when organizations could sell with a shiny ad an no substance, consumers today require substance and authenticity.

If you were your customer, what would make you stop? What do you have to offer that would top peanut butter cups? (gluten free of course)


In with inbound marketing

20 Dec

If you are a marketer, entrepreneur or have a Facebook or Twitter account chances are you have heard about inbound marketing. It isn’t a new concept, however with so many social media tools, people connecting online and low barrier to entry it is quickly becoming a strategy of choice for many marketers and organizations.

Voltier Digital compares Inbound/Outbound (traditional) marketing in a striking and fresh manner through the infographic below.

What do you think about the fact that 44% of all direct mail goes unopened or that 86% of people skip TV ads. Does your company have an inbound marketing strategy? Is this something on your radar for 2012?

I’d love to hear your comments below.